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Past experience includes 8 years at Toyota (NZ) Thames as a Project Engineer and Project and Production Engineering Supervisor. The work involved doubling the size of the assembly plant with new pre-treatment plant, expanded paintshop and new assembly lines for cars and light commercial vehicles. Involved supply of services such as compressed air, water, fuels and oils, lighting at high and low levels, hoists, gantries, monorails, car conveyors, turntables, body grabs, etc as well as all the pump and pipework for the paint, thinners and all the cleaning solutions and bathes etc. Designed and built a waste water treatment system to clean all the process water before discharge.
Also site manager for the installation of mechanical services for the Lichfeild Cheese Factory. This included installation of all the plant and equipment for the low pressure hot water boilers, the instrument quality compressed air and filtration system, the chilled water system, the refrigeration plant, etc. etc. Every pipe, fitting, and valve  had to have a certificate and every weld had to have the welder and the process documented.
Site supervisor for ABB Flakt at Honda New Zealand where a multi million dollar pre-treatment and electrocoat plant was designed, built, installed and commissioned in less than 12 months from the signing of the order. Controlled up to 60 contractors doing the sitework. Also managed fabrication and installation of a ventilation hood over a paper machine at Kinleith Pulp Mill.